Rob Ford

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RCMP certainly don’t represent the likes of Rob Ford and common sense folk who favour practicality over obedience. Please, governments, let us knock off the babysitting and prying enterprise. It is a far greater threat to our safety, security, and prosperity than a grown man walking.



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was danger exaggerated, or man insane? was thrill worth suicide risk? to the rider at the time, yes. we don’t know visibility, concentration, and dexterity from video. did motorcyclist put persons and property at unacceptable risk? in most speeding, no. vast majority speed–police moreso (even when not in pursuit, if it matters), because they can get away with it. however,  this was twice as fast as ticketable and suspendable speeders. this jolts even “innocent until proven injurious or damaging” magna carta law. red line public road risk and blood pressures? not cool.

incident got exposure. it is duty of friends, acquaintances, family, contacts, and citizens to keep each other in check. police themselves are not succeeding in preventing accidents. man enjoys tall order right to defend.

what about psychology? rebellion against babying?

man was recently acquitted because police did not prove ridership. case may be retried, because of new serendipitous evidence.


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limerick limbo

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how about figuring out these three figure skating questions, the first of which ends with:?? they are intended to open the mind for interesting footwork innovations. there are eight three turns: two blades–right and left, two edges–inside and outside, and two directions–forward and backward. combine these three degrees of freedom for eight different threes: RFO, RFI, RBO, RBI, LFO, LFI, LBO, and LBI. you agree? but here is the third (three-part) question: what is the definition of “choctaw”, how many choctaws exist in the brain, and what percentage of these have you witnessed in three-dimensional reality three planets out from the sun?


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I’ll confide I got thoroughly miffed
When I shut up and pleaded the fifth.
The right I asserted
Was soon controverted.
The magistrate gave me short shrift.


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This is Anu Garg’s WordPress Word of the Day. It signifies a group of people hired to clap at a performance. It is an alternative for a skater instead of locking eyes with members of the audience while moving creatively and adeptly in sync with moving music. A lack of satisfaction for the performer is one of the downfalls of this artifice.